REHAU ECOAIR in California

I write a lot of letters to suppliers around the world. Right now European technology is cutting edge when it it comes to insulation and resource efficiency. REHAU makes the ECOAIR, a large diameter ventilation system that uses the cooling properties of the earth to either pre-cool summertime air, and likewise warm up air in the winter time. Structural insulated panels are so well sealed, a requirement is continuous mechanical ventilation for human health.

“I would like to purchase the REHAU ECOAIR innovative ground-air heat exchanger. Who is my local distributor in Los Angeles CA area? I am developing a super insulation residential project that could utilize the ECOAIR system. If the system is available, please e-mail ordering and pricing information. Thank you.”

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  1. I cannot submit information here but if you email me I will provide further informationon our NA Residential Package. This is a complete package of 18 sticks (10′ each) antimicrobal pipe, a box of acessory fittings and the air inlet tower – delivered.

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