Building Hints

Many energy efficient renovations are climate specific, i.e., cooling or warming regions. Each variation needs special attention, but many projects are climate independent, like the ones presented here. Before starting any project on your own, review all City Building & Safety requirements in your region, follow all manufacturers instructions when operating power tools, and honor all warnings and precautions. Take along your common sense, and the best advice is wear safety goggles or glasses, use protective gloves, and work with a partner that can go for help if there is trouble.

Many projects are for the do-it-yourself group, if you have the right tools

Sealing Air Ducts
The air conditioning/heating equipment will work more efficiently if the ducts are sealed properly.

Ridge Vents
For a cool attic in the summer and to prevent condensation damage in the winter, it’s a must to keep the attic vented.

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