Product Tips

A critical service of Green Building Concepts is preparing guides for today’s issues and products. In the marketplace many vendors make outrageous claims, and without the proper background, it is very difficult to weight the validity of every ad.

View the concise guide to energy efficient lighting from compact fluorescent, metal halide, fiber optic, and other innovative lighting solutions. Please review the position paper on global warming.

Global Climate Change
We’re on a voyage to perhaps altering our planet’s climate. Learn more about this global experiment.

Hydrogen Fuel
With emissions comprising of water vapor, why don’t we use this ideal fuel?

Energy Efficient Windows
Find out what differentiates window materials for energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Save energy and improve your illumination with fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps.

Lighting Vendors
Many light fixtures exist that will meet your lighting needs from bulbs to lamps.

New materials can be used to make a safer, more comfortable, and energy efficient home.

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