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Every project is unique. Every customer has a set of tasks that usually requires personalization. I will try, however, to set up a few scenarios that will help you get an idea of how much I will charge you for consulting services. Jobs usually bill from $75 to $150. Considerations are given to nonprofit organizations and education customers.

Mac Consulting

Scenario One
Task: Build a ColorSync Profile for a Film Scanner
Detailed process: using dedicated ICC profiling software, Green Building Concepts will build a custom device profile using a color target. The result will allow excellent color rendition and fidelity in digitization of your film archive.
Fee: $75

Scenario Two
Task: OS X Usage and Tips
Detailed process: Do you want to know your way around Mac OS X, configuring the system, running applications, and workflow optimization? Green Building Concepts will work with you so you can learn the operating system and the OS X experience.
Fee: $75

Scenario Three
Task: Set up OS X Server on an Xserve, G3, G4, or G5 Mac
Detailed process: Install OS X Server and configure basic services like Apache web server, NetBoot, and QuickTime Streaming Server. Walk the administrator through the Workgroup Manager, Server Settings, and Server Monitor applications.
Fee: $250

Scenario Four
Task: Troubleshooting OS X
Detailed process: OS X needs certain regular maintenance. Green Building Concepts will guide the user through the troubleshooting steps to repair disk damage, fix permissions, and delete caches.
Fee: $100

Scenario Five
Task: Install a Ethernet or Airport Router
Detailed process: In the broadband world, special considerations have to been taken to protect from unauthorized use of your computer. Using a NAT firewall router is one of the best ways. Green Building Concepts will help you configure your router for security and ease of use.
Fee: $100

Scenario Six
Task: install RAM, Video Card, DVD burner, or Hard Drive
Detailed process: There are many customer-installable parts for every Mac. Green Building Concepts will add or replace components in a safe and reliable way to get your computer upgraded quickly.
Fee: $50 per item

Built Environment Consulting

Scenario One
Task: Help Select a Kitchen Countertop Material or other building product
Detailed process: Green Building Concepts will help you select the best materials for your project, taking into consideration cost, longevity, embodied energy, maintenance, and esthetics.
Fee: $100

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