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Several world wide web sites amplify various products and services for energy efficient building. These sites show what other colleagues have come up with.

Start with:

James Dulley
James Dulley writes a periodic newspaper column called "The $ensible Home." He gives detailed specifications on many product categories from heat pumps to skylights. He offers ready made projects and has many answers to tough questions.

Ask the Builder
Radio host and builder Tim Carter uses his life learned skills in providing many product installation sheets and tips for homeowners and builders.

The do-it-yourself haven. The Hometime team gives step-by-step guidelines to many popular projects from electrical, plumbing, framing, and design. If you have a how-to question for general construction start here.

Home Energy Magazine
A seminal journal for energy retrofitters and energy engineers for up-to-date research & information.

Florida Solar Energy Center
For warm climates, like California, Texas, and other southern states, the information available at the FSEC is great.

The Solar Decathlon
Sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, several university campuses competed for the most energy efficient home. Find out who won the competition.


PLYCEM Cement Board
PLYCEM is a noncombustible, structural, fiber reinforced, silicone impregnated, square edge, cement board flat sheet. PLYCEM can be used to create noncombustible roofs, floors, walls. PLYCEM's unique combination of noncombustibility, insect resistance, moisture resistance and structural qualities set it apart from all other cement board products.

Green Living Homes

Red Dawn
An excellent site on residential environmental design and sustainable architecture for architects and homeowners. It features articles on building materials and techniques.

Energy Outlet
A resource center promoting electrical energy conservation. The site has information on lighting, major appliances, and water heating.

Life House
Karen and Terry Alby's extraordinary construction adventure in Waterford, Wisconsin conceived to promote energy/resource efficient residential construction.

Energy Design Resources
Energy Design Resources offers a valuable new palette of energy design tools and resources that make it easier to design and build energy efficient commercial and industrial buildings in Southern California.

Sustainable Energy Times
Green Energy Australia's internet magazine for people to find out about ideas and issues in sustainable energy.

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