Global Climate Change
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Global and Domestic Carbon Dioxide Emissions & their Effect on Climate Change

Climate effects
The possible effects of global climate change require validation through the use of a General Circulation Model. With a doubling of CO2 concentration to 600 ppmv expected global mean temperature may rise between 1.5-9°C (3-16°F), depending on the climate model and the various positive and negative feedback mechanisms, precipitation levels may increase 7-15%, and sea level may climb from between 10 to 100 cm. A 4.5°C (8°F) mean temperature rise does not suggest a uniform increase of temperature unilatitudinally. The tropics will cool due to increased cloud formation and the mid latitude temperature will increase from 6 to 9°C (11 to 16°F) and the polar region from 9-15°C (16 to 27°F). Accompanying the physical changes will be meteorological transformations. Tropical storms may double in intensity, fertile areas may become drought stricken, and a whole host of other climate based modifications yet to be discovered.

Seidel [7] reports on some of perhaps the beneficial consequences of the warming commitment. The increase in water vapor and CO2 could stimulate photosynthesis and plant growth in certain crops and increase precipitation. The rise in temperature could improve the climate in high altitude areas and reduce heating costs worldwide. The feature of heating also brings along its conjugate: cooling or air-conditioning. By the year 2015 the predicted global average 1°C (2°F) increase will raise air-conditioning loads 10 to 20% [8] requiring new generating facilities.

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